Unexpected Developments

Past Imperfect – #444

Katharine: “I can’t believe that this has happened.”

Elizabeth: “That somebody let you out of your house wearing a Bea Arthur outfit?”

Katharine: “No, that somebody designed a bra that makes your breasts look like that.”

Elizabeth: “But I’m not even wearing a bra.”

Katharine: “Oh, that’s even worse. You poor thing. Let me give you the number of a specialist who can take care of those sorts of things.”

Elizabeth: “Okay, that’s it. I tried to be nice to you, and I welcomed you into my house because you’re the mother of my husband. But you clearly don’t know who I am.”

Katharine: “I know that you’re the shrieking shrew who married my only son.”

Elizabeth: “No! I’m an officer on the Starship Enterprise and I’ve been sent to retrieve the tribble that you are sporting on your head without any authorization to do so.”

Katharine: “I’m not even sure what you just said, but it’s clear that my medication is not working. Do you have a phone so I can ring my pharmacist?”


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  1. Score one for me, for recognizing the movie immediately!
    Gah, Tennessee Williams had issues. Poor man. He was born at the wrong time, but because of it we have his brilliant work.
    Speaking of tortured souls, Montgomery Clift… oh, my heart.
    Sorry, feeling rather philosophical lately. I think it’s the weather. We will resume our regularly scheduled folly in due time.

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    • You are scoring so many trivia points lately that I might have to make a special post about your ability to deftly seize bits of faded arcana. And to flip things, I sometimes wish I HAD been born when Tennessee was. I think that I was originally meant to be a part of The Lost Generation, but there was a paperwork snafu and my natal ship did not arrive until a half-century later. I can SO envision myself locked away in a Victorian cupola, scribbling poetry on a damp tablet and railing against the world, then descending the stairs for a ritual evening of discreet cocktails with like-minded damaged souls, wherein there is further railing…

      Now, back to you. I understand philosophical moments, and that we need time to process them, but I hope there is nothing too overwhelming that it cannot be eventually tamed. The Lost Generation needs more follies…

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