Tag: Couture Failure

Past Imperfect – #251

The Fabulous Finnegan Sisters were quite famous in their day, especially when then performed this mesmerizing bit from their act, wherein they each took off one shoe and placed it on their world-domination hats whilst wearing night-night clothes. Of course, their popularity may have had something to do […]

Past Imperfect – #250

The young men bravely decided to express their love to the rest of the township, bracing for considerable outrage. And there was, mostly from people who couldn’t understand why the hell the boys couldn’t put some damn shoes on a take a proper photograph…  

Past Imperfect – #237

Josephine really wanted a man in her life, if for no other reason than to make her mother stop asking why she didn’t have such. But truth be told, Josephine was not especially talented at attracting the opposite sex, as evidenced by this alarming photo wherein her choice […]

Past Imperfect – #147

Lady in the Center: “Why, yes, I am wearing a dress fashioned out of a 13th-century French tapestry, thank you for noticing. This particular tapestry was found in an abandoned royal castle, where apparently Queen Veronique the Something or Other was stabbed to death whilst hiding behind it. […]

Past Imperfect – #136

Lupe was startled when the censors objected to her performance in this scene. After all, this was years before that horrid little man, Will Hays, came up with the insipid Production Code that edited anything remotely naughty out of the movies. Interestingly enough, the censors weren’t bothered by […]

Past Imperfect – #130

Man on the Left: “I know that I am devastatingly handsome , and that aspect alone will get me far in this superficial society, but it doesn’t hurt to give the appearance of actually being concerned about women for more than one reason. Would you like to feel […]