Brian was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma on a cold January day in 1965.

Clearly, the odds were already against him.

But he persevered, slugging through this and that, and he quickly learned at a very young age that some people can achieve greatness with dedication and hard work, some people are destined to awe the world with their ineptness and lack of admirable qualities, and most people are quite happy to simply plod along in the middle, leading pleasant but mundane lives where they occasionally find a stash of misplaced quarters under a sofa cushion and everybody gets to go out for ice cream.

Brian was not impressed with any of these options. He looked up from his paperwork at the Life Goals Development Center, and studied the applicants around him. Everyone else was quickly selecting one of the three avenues, shoving their completed forms at one of the bored administrative people, and then rushing out the door, because “Charlie’s Angels” was on TV in a few minutes and you couldn’t really miss THAT.

In frustration, Brian turned over his application, intent on writing a scathing missive to Whoever Was In Charge that he really didn’t appreciate the skimpy menu of opportunities, and he noticed a fourth career path, hastily scribbled in by someone with vision: “Some people feel compelled to study the world and people around them, and then stay up all night writing down their thoughts on the matter.”

Brian smiled, checked the box, and added his signature with a flourish. And so it began.

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    • I did, indeed, escape Tulsa, fleeing southward to Dallas. Which means, logistically, I’m still in the Bible Belt, so I’m still being judged for my perceived sins, it’s just a hotter climate. Now, this Chewie’s Angels business: I’d never heard of such a thing, but after reviewing the photos you thoughtfully provided, I am VERY psyched about my costume for the pending Halloween…


        • Yes, it makes me shudder as well and, sadly, although this video is funny, it is also SPOT ON. There are some crazy, messed-up people in Texas. (Then again, there are crazy people everywhere; they just seem to proliferate in The South.) At the same time, despite how Texas is portrayed in the media, there’s actually an impressive number of people here who don’t fit that portrayal. We are just currently facing an uphill battle against a tyrannical Republican party that has gerrymandered the hell out of the voting districts. Okay, enough with my soapbox, let’s get back to finding videos of Gene Kelly doing extraordinarily athletic things, back in a time when people were decent and kind even if you didn’t agree with them… 😉

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          • I feel for you, bud, and I know what you mean about there being exceptions to the stereotypical rule. I live in Portland, Oregon, and none of my friends nor I come even close to being like the fools portrayed on that hideous television program Portlandia. It’s the Pacific Northwest version of saying everyone in Texas wears cowboy boots and ten gallon hats. Hell, no.

            Incidentally, I had to wear cowboy boots once for a job and I hated every minute of it. Like high heels, it’s like they’re designed to make your arches hate you.

            Don’t get me started on gerrymandering and the GOP, we’ll be here all night and then I’ll need liquor.

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            • I’ve never seen an episode of “Portlandia”, so I remain unscathed by whatever deviltry the producers of said show might have in mind. I’m very picky about what I watch on TV. At the same time, I worship “Bob’s Burgers”, so any pretensions I might convey about being artistically-snooty are negated by this confession.

              As for cowboy boots, I am rather fond of the “roper” style of said footwear. When manufactured correctly, they are quite comfy, almost tennis-shoe-like. Back in the day, I could slap on a pair of those and boot-scoot my way to nirvana on the dance floor. Of course, said scooting was often accompanied by aggressive alcohol-intake, so I may not have been as pretty as I seemed in my mind.

              And finally, the gerrymandering and the GOP. Yep, that’s a huge snafu that takes “will of the people” out of democracy, allowing a minority of zealots to have the majority of power. Of course, another ingredient is “ignorant people not paying attention to what is happening”, and until you get THAT mess out of the recipe, things won’t change…


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