Category: Rainbow People

Past Imperfect – #447

Archivist #1: “Are you thinking what I’m thinking about this photo we just found in Eleanor Roosevelt’s private stash?” Archivist #2: “Probably not. You’re thinking that this finally proves the lesbian theories about Eleanor, because you’re a stunted straight male who instinctually assumes that women who frolic together […]

Past Imperfect – #408

Terry paused, fully aware of which bathroom was more self-identifying, but trying to remember what state this was and whether or not there were any insipid rules created by local politicians who couldn’t care less about some of their constituents…  

Past Imperfect – #325

Celine: “Are you serious?” Rupert: “I know! I couldn’t believe it myself. My parents actually think that I’m heterosexual and that you and I are in a relationship.” Celine: “That’s wonderful! Let’s head over to Christopher Street and wait for Gay Pride to be invented.”  

Past Imperfect – #280

This is what happens when artsy people overthink things whilst posing for Selfies… Poser on the Left: “Okay, I’m going to stand like this, and then you stand like you might really like me or you might think I’m a serial killer.” Poser on the Right: “Got it. […]

Past Imperfect – #062615

Mommy: “The end. Now, wasn’t that a lovely fairytale?” Sally: “Well…” Billy: “I don’t think the Prince is going to be very happy.” Mommy: “But he got to marry the princess!” Sally: “I don’t think he really wanted to marry her. He only did it because the families […]

Past Imperfect – #250

The young men bravely decided to express their love to the rest of the township, bracing for considerable outrage. And there was, mostly from people who couldn’t understand why the hell the boys couldn’t put some damn shoes on a take a proper photograph…  

Past Imperfect – #241

Lady on the Left: “I hate this stupid motorcycle club and I wish I’d never signed up for it. This is what I get for agreeing to do something after I’d had 14 Sloe Gin Fizzes at the barbecue last Saturday. Drinking just makes me say yes when […]

Past Imperfect – #194

By posing for this photo, Bill and Mary Franklin are adding weight to the theorem that couples in long-term relationships tend to start looking like one another. In the background, Bill Junior is saddened by the vision of what his future holds. In the further background, an in-the-closet […]

Past Imperfect – #179

Farley: “But do you even know why I’m smiling?” Robert: “That line isn’t in the script.” Farley: “Nor is my attraction to you.” Robert: “Really? Well, we just took a turn I wasn’t expecting.” Farley: “Oh, please. You’re the one that ordered the 120-proof bottle of liquor over […]

Past Imperfect – #140

Well, you have to give him credit for flamboyantly making sure that no one can see that illusion-destroying adam’s apple. And she gets bonus points for making culottes fashionable again, although he might want to work on the proper use of a measuring tape…