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Past Imperfect – #468

Little Sally: “Are we really supposed to eat that? It looks like roadkill.” Little Billy: “I know it’s not pretty. But it’s only a month until Christmas and you know what that means.” Little Sally: “That there will be another one of these dead birds on the table?” […]

Past Imperfect – #356

Photographer: “Okay, do you think this is a convincing shot of Troy wooing the ladies?” Agent: “I think it’s convincing me that Troy is afraid of ancient Roman women who are happy that they survived the eruption of Mount Vesuvius. Try again.”  

Past Imperfect – #313

Howard Hughes: “I’m pleased to meet you, Bette.” Bette Davis: “Likewise, I’m sure. Thank you for participating in this charity event.” Howard: “Happy to do so. But what, exactly, are we supporting?” Bette: “Why, we’re raising funds for a new animal shelter. Surely you read the invitation.” Howard: […]

Past Imperfect – #306

Father: “You’ve disappointed me again, Clara.” Clara: “Whatever could you mean, Father?” Father: “Coming home drunk again, all tarted up and messy.” Clara: “How could you possibly think I was drink?” Father: “”Because you’re talking to the hat rack over there, and I’m over here.” Clara: “Oh. I […]