Category: Questionable Developments

Past Imperfect – #509

Within minutes of the start of the advertising shoot, it became crystal clear that something was terribly awry. Let’s listen in as the models attempt to psychologically survive the madness of the wrong people making the wrong decisions at all the wrong times… Poutina, left: “We are never […]

Past Imperfect – #506

During a recent excavation at a long-abandoned country club in the township of Martha’s Future Vineyard, Massachusetts, just south of Cape Cod, a startling discovery was made. In this primitive example of early photography, circa 1778, it appears that the founding fathers of our country perhaps held back […]

Past Imperfect – #491

Helen: “Well, I think that was rather rude of you to say.” Ramon: “It wasn’t rude, my pet. It was fact. You shouldn’t be doing such a thing in here. This appears to be a fine restaurant, one where we all pay exorbitant prices just to make sure […]

Past Imperfect – #474

King Edward VIII: “And so it is with heavy heart that I must abdicate the throne so I can be with the woman I love. I’m sure that many of you are worried about what this means for our country, and I will now bravely answer your questions.” […]

Past Imperfect – #466

Bellhop: “Madame, I assure you. Nothing untoward will happen if you use the elevator. It’s perfectly safe.” Francesca: “Are you kidding me? Considering how those Americans voted in their latest election, I don’t trust anything anymore.”  

Past Imperfect – #454

Harry, far left: “Now, son, this might not sound too good, but we had to sell you off so we could pay the internet bill. This here nice man is gonna take you for a while until we figure somethin’ else out.” George, supposedly Nice Man: “We’re gonna […]

Past Imperfect – #431

Sadie: “I suppose I could do that. How much are you willing to pay me?” Nigel: “I didn’t say anything about paying you.” Sadie: “Then I didn’t say anything about doing it.” Nigel: “But I have leverage on you, my dear. I know what you did with that […]

Past Imperfect – #395

Phyllis was fully aware that she hadn’t attended the best of schools, and perhaps she hadn’t read all the right books during her formative years, and maybe she had slept with the wrong people in order to get this Broadway gig, but one thing was certain: The costume […]