Past Imperfect – #528

Laurel: “It says here that we are now considered box office poison.”

Hardy: “That can’t be right. We’ve made over 100 shorts together. Surely that means something.”

Laurel: “Well, times are changing. Sometimes the skills you have to offer the world are no longer needed, and you have to consider other professions.”

Hardy: “So this means we should go into politics?”

Laurel: “Yep.”


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  1. They were clowns – they could make us laugh & cry – and they were gentle men, who for all their foibles & ridiculousness would when needs of plot arose, be heroic in their own manner. Better we had such clowns in in office now, than the “don’t recalls’ and “twitter witless tyrants” that mock common sense & honesty before us now.

    We are in another fine mess and we are sitting across the border watching & waiting for someone over there to right the boat. 🙂

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