Past Imperfect – #529

Myrna: “Although part of me, especially my hand, is desperately yearning for what you have to offer, another part of me is convinced that I should alert the proper authorities.”

William: “What, you don’t want a bite of this sandwich? It’s quite exquisite. It has mayo smeared on both pieces of bread. This is something that no one else will think of until 1947.”

Myrna: “Well, I don’t know about that. Sandwiches have been around for hundreds of years at this point. Surely somebody has contemplated the concept of double dipping. Speaking of, what exactly is your other hand doing as it dips into your surprisingly voluminous pants.”

William: “I’m just counting my coins to make sure I have enough cab fare to get back to Sunset Boulevard, should our chemistry not quite gel in the screen tests and I have to resort to resurrecting Gloria Swanson’s career in order to have a compatible costar.”

Myrna: “Gloria Swanson? Are you sure that’s the right door to knock on?”

William: “Granted, she’s been wallowing in obscurity since the talkies were invented, but I’m willing to give her a boost.”

Myrna: “No, that’s not what I mean. I’m quite sure that Gloria would never tolerate a man who so brazenly reviews his cab fare in a public setting. What else do you have to offer that one might possibly relish?”

William: “I have the ultimate weapon. There’s bacon in this sandwich.”

Myrna: “Really? Crisp or soft?”

William: “Would I be wearing a hat like this if I didn’t have complete confidence in my crispness?”

Myrna: “I see. Well, I suppose we could negotiate some sort of compromise wherein we are both satisfied. But I do have one final question.”

William: “Ask away, my beloved carnivore.”

Myrna: “How is it that your tie remains firmly affixed to your chest instead of swinging about like ties are naturally wont to do? Is it the bacon grease?”


Note: Yes, I know there’s that insipid “All Posters” watermark splashed across the image, but they obviously don’t have a copyright on the photo and I really liked this shot, so screw it. Post and done.


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  1. I’m incredibly unobservant about many things. In fact I’m known for it….however I’ll catch people off guard and annoy the hell out of then with the things I’m exceptionally observational about they wished to fall under the radar.
    That said, I never once noticed the watermark
    Until you mentioned it. lol what’s wrong with me?!?
    Still writing about bacon haha

    I loved the tie part right before I loved the entire thing

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    • Thank you! I actually didn’t notice the watermark until I took a gander at the preview post and there it was, taunting me. I did try to find a non-watermarked image, but everything else out there was too tiny and didn’t preview well. So I went down the illicit avenue. I’m sure a representative from “All Posters” will be knocking on my door at any moment. I don’t plan to answer… 😉

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  2. So he was using a tie clip, but the question is, what sort of tie clip would William Powell wear? Would it be an elegant tie bar, a bejeweled clip, or… ah yes. A fox terrier clasp. Of course.
    If you want to know why I know so much about tie clips — my husband collects them.
    There. Yet another little fact you now know about me.
    Also, want to know how I cook bacon? I bake it! Comes out perfect every time and no mess. 😋

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    • I have, indeed, seen some really swell tie clips over the years, traipsing about in vintage and retro clothing shops as I do. I wish it had occurred to me to start collecting them, as they would now make very interesting conversations “pieces”, but I apparently did not have the vision. As for the food prep angle, I now have a number of friends who bake their bacon (ahem), and they are strong proponents of this methodology…

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  3. Did not notice the watermark either – it was out of my depth. Virginia Mayo knew all a bout sandwiches and which side of a director to butter.

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