Wrong on Many Levels

Past Imperfect – #437


Man in the background, left: “See, this is what happens when I take the missus out for a Sunday stroll. She always finds a pack of urchins with the same haircut, and she thinks that by throwing them little tidbits of candy she is somehow improving the world. I need to get back to the office and short-sell some stock.”

Missus, middle: “This is so invigorating. I just love pretending that I care even though I don’t.”

Busty woman in the taffy shop: “I don’t understand why they let those urchins run wild like that. Back when I was their age I had two jobs and grew my own corn.”

Busty Woman’s shorter companion: “It’s the Democrats, I tell ya. Always trying to help people out and being a good neighbor and all that crap. Sets a bad example and now everybody wants something.”

Girl on the right: “I’m trapped in a red state. Please help me.”


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