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Past Imperfect – #343

At the Pickfair Mansion, the guests did their best to frolic and enjoy themselves at the poolside party, despite then-current morality which required they sport woolen bathing attire which could sink a battleship. On the plus side, the pain of their discomfort was eased by the free-flowing availability […]

Past Imperfect – #342

Tour Guide: “And over here, we have the magnificent foyer of Pickfair Mansion, where Mary Pickford and Douglas Fairbanks would welcome the stars of Hollywood into their fine home” Little Sally: “It looks kind of crappy to me. You’d think it would be a bit more fancy.” Tour […]

Past Imperfect – #335

Douglas: “Well, here we go again.” Mary: “Now, Dougie, let’s not be grumpy. You know we have to deal with the press, it’s just what we do as Hollywood Royalty.” Douglas: “But why do we have to let them into our house? It’s annoying.” Mary: “Because the common […]

Past Imperfect – #309

Mary Pickford: “What do you mean this doesn’t look realistic?” Douglas Fairbanks: “We’re supposed to be looking like the typical American family so the people in Kansas will go see our movies. How does any of this say any of that?” Mary: “Well, we’re in a boat. People […]