Tag: James Cagney

Past Imperfect – #361

Mae and Jimmy, rehearsing the infamous grapefruit scene. Mae: “I don’t know about this. It sounds kind of violent.” Jimmy: “Don’t worry about it, doll. I’m just gonna barely tap you with it. Just like this.” Mae: “But what about that other movie where you dragged me by […]

Past Imperfect – #358

Mae: “You know, something just occurred to me.” Jimmy: “And what are your thoughts, my special lady of the evening? Are you rapturously satisfied after my stellar boudoir performance?” Mae: “Oh. Did we have sex? I didn’t realize. Perhaps I was distracted.” Jimmy: “Surely you are at least […]

Past Imperfect – #333

Mae: “Are you really doing this again?” Jimmy: “What? Dragging you out of the room by your hair? Yes.” Mae, sighing: “This is getting old, Jimmy.” Jimmy: “Not for me. I think it’s fun. I even put on a fancy outfit just to do it.” Mae: “Well, I […]

Past Imperfect – #315

Reporter, passing by: “Excuse me, gentlemen. Could I have a word with you?” Edward: “We’re a little busy here and this thing is kind of heavy so… no.” James: “Get lost, sister.” Reporter:  “This will only take a few minutes. I couldn’t help but notice that you appear […]

Past Imperfect – #255

James: “Sorry about what just happened. I had chili for lunch.” Gladys: “Oh, please. Your gassiness is nothing compared to my own personal pain. I have a dead raven on my head, my hair has been curled so tight that I can’t even open my mouth, and I’m […]