Questionable Developments

Past Imperfect – #555

Betty was a bit concerned.

She could hear the folks outside her dressing room, babbling about the thing that someone had done to the actress in the other dressing room. Betty was fully aware of the thing, because she had done it. But she thought she had done it with a rather admirable degree of slyness and skill, diverting suspicion whilst simultaneously establishing a concrete alibi that her fans would completely believe even though it was completely not true. She listened more closely, assessing the exit poll.

Gertie: “And the thing exploded almost immediately.”

Lottie: “Even though the thing had never exploded before?”

Gertie: “That’s the kicker. Countless people have done the very same thing in the past, but there were never any explosions.”

Lottie: “It just seems so odd, doesn’t it? How is it that doing this thing never mattered to anyone in the past but doing it now would lead to an explosion?”

Gertie: “It’s almost as if somebody decided to make something out of nothing and now everybody is offended by the nothing that didn’t bother them before.”

Lottie: “Well, I suppose it’s just one of those things. Someone’s promising career is suddenly in jeopardy because someone else doesn’t play fair and causes an explosion that doesn’t have any actual gunpowder behind it.”

Gertie: “This sounds so much like the current state of American politics.”

Lottie: “Right? It’s pathetic. Anyway, have any idea who might have done it?”

Gertie: “Well, some of the chorus boys are saying that it must be Betty. But surely Betty wouldn’t do it. She just wants to make America dance again.”

Lottie: “And what do the chorus boys know? They’re just mad because they didn’t get elected to star in the show.”

Gertie: “Exactly. Sour grapes. Speaking of, what are you doing for lunch? Should we go to Kim Jong Un’s for sushi?”

Lottie: “Sounds splendid! I’ll drive.”

Betty smiled complacently. The carefully-plotted, nefarious pieces were falling into place. She hoisted her cup of Benghazi Tea and took another sip…


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  1. Sounds like the present administration in Washington – lots of explosive noises signifying nothing. Meanwhile in Hollywood , they finally woke up on the other side of the old casting couch and acknowledged the elephants in the room – and there is a stampede. Those who had been previously ground underfoot will, perhaps, finally have there voices herd. Then again, just one had clapping.

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  2. Well sly certainly covers the expression on that previously unheard of by me star. I got distracted by whatever it is that she’s holding in the other hand, the one without cup or tea. I thought, quite wrongly, that she’d taken a bite of perhaps cheesecake in a furtive manner and was trying to hurriedly wash it down before someone discovered she’d broken the oath of the successful starlet in Hollywood which is “Never consume anything of substance where you’ll be seen to be doing so. Starlets live on ambrosia and air only.” And if T-dump were that pretty, I think he’d have more support, even if he is stark raving mad..

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    • Actually, you might be on the right track here, with the furtive cheesecake maneuver. I initially though it might be a wedge of brie, because I can be pretentious and all, but the cheesecake makes much more sense, especially considering the rest of the photo…


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