Social Awkwardness

Past Imperfect – #547

Tallulah was thoroughly unimpressed with her assigned role when the cast was announced for the 1923 London premiere of “A Yankee Thanksgiving: This Is What Happens When You Defy a British Monarch and Hop on a Boat Bound for a Colony That Has No Indoor Plumbing”. The play folded within two days. Luckily, Tallulah did not…


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  1. No such thing as being culturally sensitive in those days, but then we’re not so hot at it now.
    At least Tallulah isn’t drinking shots with her sorority sisters and making duck faces for their instagram pic. 😉

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  2. Is this a case of where her chickens (TURKEYS) came home to roost? Upon her head? The dubious glamour of the head dress is lessened by the possibility of fresh fertilizer being loosed upon one’s head, and we all know that getting shit out of one’s hair costs. In self-esteem, if not monetarily. One can possibly be burdened with the label of “shit head” through no fault of one’s own…

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