Past Imperfect – #545


Sometimes you have to dig deep in your drawers to find what you were looking for…


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  1. Looks to me like a hold-up….or maybe she just got caught in the act of scene stealing, and is trying to claim “You can’t pin this on me!” — although it’s no stretch to say she couldn’t wear them (the drawers) without them (the pins). But don’t ask me what part of her anatomy she’d pin them (the drawers) to (tempting though it may be to speculate).

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    • See, you went racing off in a different direction than my fuddled mind had envisioned, and I have much more admiration for your effort than mine. Perhaps I need a time-out, so I can ponder my sins and be better prepared when exposed to images of people doing questionable things with undergarments… 😉

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