Past Imperfect – #544

Carole, Actress: “Wait a minute, I’m sensing something.”

Robert, Actor: “And I’m sensing that you’re straddling my crotch with malevolent intent. Not that I mind.”

Carole: “No, it goes beyond our crude attempt to get past the censors with suggestive but benign foreplay. It seems that a writer of some kind is trying to make this scene more interesting than it really is.”

Robert: “I’m not sure what you mean. Perhaps I could better understand your ramblings if this photo wasn’t so fuzzy.”

Carole: “You’re right, it’s not clear, probably because it’s been too long since I had a juice cleanse. You really have to keep on top of those things. Hold on. The writer seems intent on creating dialogue that never happened.”

Robert: “Oh, I know who you’re talking about. That writer lives at Bonnywood Manor. He really doesn’t get out much so you can’t trust a single thing he types.”

Carole: “So you’re saying that I should just ignore him?”

Robert: “Of course. Everyone else does. Did you ever hear of Bonnywood Manor before this scene?”

Carole: “No, not that I recall.”

Robert: “My point exactly. Some people don’t understand that being subversive and witty doesn’t necessarily sell movies.”

Alfred Hitchcock, Director: “Excuse me?”


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