Past Imperfect – #544

Carole, Actress: “Wait a minute, I’m sensing something.”

Robert, Actor: “And I’m sensing that you’re straddling my crotch with malevolent intent. Not that I mind.”

Carole: “No, it goes beyond our crude attempt to get past the censors with suggestive but benign foreplay. It seems that a writer of some kind is trying to make this scene more interesting than it really is.”

Robert: “I’m not sure what you mean. Perhaps I could better understand your ramblings if this photo wasn’t so fuzzy.”

Carole: “You’re right, it’s not clear, probably because it’s been too long since I had a juice cleanse. You really have to keep on top of those things. Hold on. The writer seems intent on creating dialogue that never happened.”

Robert: “Oh, I know who you’re talking about. That writer lives at Bonnywood Manor. He really doesn’t get out much so you can’t trust a single thing he types.”

Carole: “So you’re saying that I should just ignore him?”

Robert: “Of course. Everyone else does. Did you ever hear of Bonnywood Manor before this scene?”

Carole: “No, not that I recall.”

Robert: “My point exactly. Some people don’t understand that being subversive and witty doesn’t necessarily sell movies.”

Alfred Hitchcock, Director: “Excuse me?”


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  1. *snicker*

    Upon viewing this photo I actually thought the actors portrayed were within moments of being caught by one or the other of their S.Os and were hastily formulating a story to cover his nine o’clock shadow and robe, and her subtle but unmistakable air of dishabille. And what the funky smell in the room they just vacated really was… one can almost hear the words “Was it good for you too??”

    Never heard of Bonnywood Manor? Why the absolute gall of those people! It pays to know the name of the place you arrange your trysts. Else how can you give Uber proper directions for getting you out again?

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    • The more I study, the more I realize I left out quite a few elements. Perhaps the most important? Based on Carole’s expression, it appears that there must have been a third participant in this tryst, just out of camera range on the left… 😉


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