Delusional People

Past Imperfect – #540

This is what therapists call “the money shot”, when the narcissism becomes so overwhelming that dinner is delayed whilst Vida Loca tap-dances where the Boeuf Bourguignon should be. Said therapists then race to clear their appointment schedules, because Vida will soon be knocking on one of their doors, completely flummoxed that not everyone loves her as much as she does. This is the sad reality we face after the invention of social media…


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  1. Whoever they are, they are obviously recreating the party scene in Singin In The Rain. Any minute now the table girl and her friends will start singing and dancing.

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  2. I worked in places like this. The difference between Country Clubs and topless bars is the pole in the middle of the table and the quality of fixtures. The flummoxed thing that goes hand in hand with social media is everyone in the room will also go home with a table dancing trophy and in a few years they’ll wonder if they should have therapy for an event where they don’t remember excelling and have their children paternity tested, just to be sure they aren’t missing some income.

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    • And thusly you have just composed the preface for the manifesto “Why This Country Is Jacked Up – A Parable”. I’m thinking literary prizes will be bestowed, but you’ll probably ignore the awards ceremony and go play your saxophone in a tiny club in New York City…


  3. Joan Crawford? Really? Huh.
    Crazy design on her dress. If this was a sci-fi film, I’d say she was contaminated by an unknown bacterial strain that will now threaten all humankind.
    GASP! What if those aren’t balloons? What if they’re PODS?!!

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  4. Me! Me! Look at me! Here i am! Do you see me? Do ya? Lol. She certainly looks that way here. You nailed it. (as always) I’ve seen some pretty ordinary things on fb that so many people think are fantastic. They get so many likes. Someone posted a photo of herself wating chocolate cake the other day. Thirty five likes, i kid you not. (and no, i’m not jealous. Lol again.)

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    • It does amaze me how little it takes for so many people to offer up praise for something mundane. When did validation become as commonplace as oxygen? Sad, really. Still, it warms my heart that some of us stalwarts still expect at least a spark of creativity before we start clicking “like” buttons… 😉


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