Poor Choices

Past Imperfect – #538

It was at this precise moment when a young Ronald Reagan began confusing “starlets who will desperately do anything to catch the eye of a casting agent” with “everybody loves me and I should run for President!” Sadly, this disconnect with reality has since become the hallmark of the Republican Party after his election in 1980. Trickle-down economics, indeed…


Rare side note, at least on this particular blog: I no longer recall where I found this photo, but the title of the image is “Playing with large balls with unidentified busty ladies”. If that doesn’t speak volumes about the current American political system, I don’t know what does. Cheers.


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  1. Okay, so first off, I recognized that as Ronald Reagan right away, and I ‘m not sure how I feel about that.
    Secondly, what with starlet number two from the left? She seems overly concerned wth starlet number one. I wonder what she sees?
    And finally, I appreciate all the comments regarding pointy breasts. We have a lack of them nowadays, and it’s important to shed some light on this deficiency.

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    • Actually, I knew exactly which starlet you meant without even noticing the directional irregularity. (Hmm. That sounds rather gastrointestinal, doesn’t it?) I’m thinking the sad, poet-scribbling starlet is pining for things she hasn’t quite figured out she might need. Even more sad? The object of her affection is making it very clear what SHE thinks she needs, practically lunging for Skinny Ronnie’s overcompensating beach ball…

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