Past Imperfect – #536

It wasn’t until this precise moment that Katharine realized she might have erred slightly in selecting an outfit that would entice her betrothed on their wedding night. It didn’t help matters that newly-minted hubby immediately dialed 911 even though the system hadn’t been invented yet. Still, the show must go on, so Kate valiantly marched forward and proceeded to claim Planet Earth as her own. Planet Earth decided that Praying-Mantis Kate should not necessarily win an Oscar for this performance, and she did not. On the plus side, aluminum foil surged on the stock market and certain day-traders became millionaires. Karma is a tricky thing…


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  1. Lol
    There was a time… one of my Halloween costumes was made in part with foil. The only advice I have for anyone with thoughts if doing that is … don’t. It doesn’t wear easily like Kate makes it seem.

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    • I actually have some experience as well with tinfoil couture, and I should point out that it can make you SWEAT like there is no tomorrow. I like a wrapped slab of salmon roasting in the oven. (Somebody flip me over at the halfway cooking point!)

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        • Two Halloween incidents: One involved me portraying a burrito from Taco Bueno (a chain restaurant that I used to worship in college, and their burritos came wrapped in foil) and the other involved a punk rock band that we were parodying. Suffice it to say that I had some really twisted friends in college who inspired me to push the edge…

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  2. Praying mantis Kate! Lol! The dress reminds me of tinfoil like you say. The cape, though looks like it’s made of parachute material. But that’s for landing, not taking off. I can’t decide which she’s doing here. 😀

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    • Oh, I need to drag out the Sylvia Scarlett photos, then. You’ll find them to be a real hoot. Oh wait, I might have already done one of those. (I sure need to fine me some Ginkoba.) But your final morality lesson is just and true…

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