Delusional People

Past Imperfect – #532

In the original concept of child daycare facilities, designed by one Otto von Benchmark, there were a few regulations which did not quite gel. One of the first stipulations that bit the dust was the requirement that all potential enrollees in the facility had to be of a certain weight and must be seasoned until they had the aroma of privileged offspring. In the background, the father of Betsy DeVos is appalled that the rules might be relaxed to “just let anyone in”. He would go on to encourage his daughter to obliterate equal access for children in America. So far, as Education Secretary, she has done just that…


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  1. There is a huge opportunity, based on Shirley, the scale and the salt shaker, to make hay with salt and weight and diet and health. This photo screams to be on a billboard from the American Heart Association.

    On another note, I have always been curious what the Herbs De Entitlement seasoning looked like. And how much was required and if a guardian with a moustache added leverage.

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    • Herbs de Entitlement, eh? I like that; it oozes with the image of an avant-garde Belgian quartet that only plays breathy, minimalist ditties that all have precisely 23 words in the lyrics. As the audience members file in, the band hands out tiny silver spoons with just the faintest dot of caviar. The spoon has a hand-written tag explaining that the egg is not to be eaten until the band performs there hit “Mange, Ma Belle”. At the end of the show, the audience shows their worship by making kissing noises rather than Neanderthalic clapping…


      • I saw them once. The keyboard player stood under a pyramid made of PVC pipe covered with spray adhesive and glitter that melted and let go under the stage lights. His hair never recovered. Now he communes with Bowie’s ghost while they work on a minimalist electronica Miles Davis tribute album with Snoop Dog playing lip trumpet.

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