Past Imperfect – #531

Life is often confusing, but one thing is abundantly clear: In order to win the Miss America contest in 1935, contestants did whatever it took to get the rural vote…


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  1. O.M.G. There is a picture just like this only the girl has one hand on her hip and the other in the air and some Miss Asparagus of West Boondock County sash. And I stole it as the muse for a character’s Valentine card…

    “You might wanna wear ya some boots…”

    I needed this one! For validation if nothing else!

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  2. That is quite an interesting tractor driving outfit. And since she’s wearing sandals, it’s probaly a good thing she’s not trying to operate a thresher…

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    • Still, she fought to retain all the benefits of being selected Fertilizer Queen of the Midwest, as that was her true calling, and she held on to the title for several years….


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