Odd But Kinda Sexy

Past Imperfect – #521

Douglas, left: “Why are both of you looking at me like you know something that I don’t?”

Jean, middle: “I’m not looking at anybody. When you use as much peroxide on your hair as I do, you lose a little bit of muscle control.”

James, right: “I might be looking at somebody. It depends on what you’ve got to offer.”

Douglas: “I’m not offering anything. Unless you want me to.”

Jean: “Did you know that if I hold this coffee cup up to my hair, it will disappear?”

James: “I don’t want you to do anything you don’t want to do. But I couldn’t help but notice your firm grip on whatever it is that you’re holding.”

Douglas: “My hands aren’t the only things that are firm.”

Jean: “Wait. Am I wearing a tie or not? I can’t tell.”

James: “Well, I can’t tell if this bulky jacket is the only thing I’m wearing. Maybe somebody needs to firmly take it off of me and find out.”

Douglas: “I know a man who might be able to do that.”

Jean: “Oh, for Pete’s sake! Why don’t the two of you just bang each other on this counter and get it out of your system so we can finish the scene. I’m due for another peroxide rinse in thirty minutes.”

Production Assistant, turning to the director: “I’m not sure what’s going on here.”

Director: “It’s called Pre-Code foreplay. Except for that last bit. That’s called Jean Harlow.”


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  1. James: Whatever you’re holding, you’re doing that teenage girl thing with your hands to make a heart. Is that a signal?
    Douglas: I thought my eye shadow might be too subdued.
    James. It is.That’s why I’m looking at your hat. Anything in a scene with Jean’s hair is too subtle gets blown out when they white balance.
    Jean: Hey, that happen until video. For now I’m just a halo on the film emulsion.
    James: So THAT’S what they call the reason my arm is stuck to the bar…

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    • Production Assistant: “I’m still not understanding what is happening here.”

      Director: “We seem to be having a mashup of the Golden Age of Cinema, revisionist re-engineering, Facebook status updates, and post-post commentary by third parties. Just ride the wave and you’ll be fine. Just don’t get too close to the emulsion on the bar. It’s not covered by your crappy insurance plan.”

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