Past Imperfect – #512

Whilst other starlets dreamed of beautiful sets and handsome leading men and having a clever mansion on the good end of Sunset Boulevard, young Bette envisioned the day when she could slap Joan Crawford repeatedly during multiple takes….


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  1. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a young Bette. Such a sweet face, but there’s much going on in those eyes.
    And now Kim Carnes’ gravelly voice is in my head. That’s okay, I don’t mind. There are worse voices to have there.

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  2. Finally I “get” “Bette Davis Eyes” — pure as driven snow…hmpf. She’s plotting world domination and how to slip ol’ Joanie some chloroform so she can at last attack those bushy bushy man brows…

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  3. OH! (because I have ham and a dog that thinks the ham is HERS dammit) I forgot to give a nod to C.J. Hartwell for reminding me of Kim Carnes and Bette.. Thanks dude!! 😀 And seriously, she was very beautiful wasn’t she? But then we ALL ARE at 20….>sigh<

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  4. “And now Kim Carnes’ gravelly voice is in my head. That’s okay, I don’t mind. There are worse voices to have there.” Really? Well, maybe your neighbor’s dog telling you to take an automatic weapon to a disco…No, I won’t tell my Bay Area musicians stories. But for real? Her normal speaking voice was even a moose with a head cold, whereas Michael McDonald had a normal speaking voice and only sang with a mouth of marbles. Bette Davis eyes indeed.

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      • Oh no, I enjoyed them both. I was recalling them as unusual without being affected. I am always surprised by the difference between street clothes voices and performance voices. Like how singing beats stuttering and cockney or Aussie rarely makes it to the tracks. Stevie Nicks doesn’t have that vibrato thing when she talks, either. Imagine that in your head, talking fresh veg in the produce department with her singing voice…

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