Odd But Kinda Sexy

Past Imperfect – #507

Don’t ask. Don’t tell.


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  1. Excellent. 😀

    Perfect message for the Trump Cabinet . Mike Pense would be comfortable having lunch with any of these fine young gentlemen – so would his wife, but she is not telling. 🙂

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  2. Tastless gender bent joke alert – I know this is a squad of athletes. What’s that guy doing with a fag?
    And you know, thank God for spandex, right? I’m not sure the modern world is up for the wedgie Olympics…


  3. And the thing that ‘leapt’ out at me was the chap facing the blonde (why do people ALWAYS go for blondes? I was a blonde in my day and no, I never had more fun. Maybe it was my perfume or something..) back to our chap. Who gave him the wedgie? He looks as if he is confident and popular, two things that preclude persons GETTING wedgies. Maybe there’s some more ‘activity’ round front (where we can’t see) that stretched the fabric to it’s limits or something… Thanks for the laugh! I LOVE these Crusty Pie wedges (oh my gawd. I did not just say that..)

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    • Yes, the blonde does seem to be getting far more attention than one would think he deserves. As you can see, the guy second-from-right is completely over the situation. On the other hand, the fifth guy from the right is aware of something extraordinary happening betwixt the wooing duo, so who knows what is really going on here. I’ll have to ponder the possibilities as I prep more wedges…


  4. That second guy from the right is the basis for Marlon Brando’s whole schtick..well the movies I saw him in anyway; prior to his turning into that guy from Apocalypse Now who frankly scared me. That 5th guy appears to be checking out the wedgie…?

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