Questionable Developments

Past Imperfect – #506

During a recent excavation at a long-abandoned country club in the township of Martha’s Future Vineyard, Massachusetts, just south of Cape Cod, a startling discovery was made. In this primitive example of early photography, circa 1778, it appears that the founding fathers of our country perhaps held back a few details of their private lives from official biographers of the time. As George Washington, center, might have stated had he been more candid concerning recreational activities, this certainly changes the meaning of the phrase “Crossing the Delaware” in American lore…


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  1. I’m interested to note the lovely ‘couple’ on the right end…see how the blonde is sly-ly trying to cop a feel? Subtle. Gay Pride HAD hit the country, even in 1778 apparently. Changes history indeed! And now I know where those women-without-any-discernible taste got the idea for those horrible 60s white go go boots. George setting a fashion trend (yeah I know those are actually HOSE with white shoes…naughty rolling them down to mid thigh like that..) Another winner Sir Brian. Your certificate for knighthood in the realm of hilarious and politically incorrect will be arriving in the mail shortly. Postage due of course. The fledgling country isn’t made of money…

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    • Now that you’ve brought it to my attention, that couple on the right does seem to be having a very festive time. Good for them. And, interestingly enough, this isn’t the first time I’ve heard the rumor that George Washington was also the father of the go-go boot craze and the concept of drill teams performing at half-time during football games. He was a very busy man…


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