Past Imperfect – #503

Mary, left: “I’m so excited about getting to be in a Mack Sennett picture!”

Marie, right: “Oh, is that what we’re doing? I thought I was waiting in line to get past the velvet rope at a Steampunk-Goth nightclub.”

Mary: “That means nothing to me. But I will admit to some confusion as well. What character am I playing? Am I the party girl or a professional wrestler. Why are we standing on a platform hundreds of feet in the air? That sign down there, the ‘Mack Sennett’ sign? It’s twenty feet tall when you’re on the ground.”

Marie: “Really? And what’s that sign over there, the ‘Evans’ sign with the eyeball?”

Mary: “That looks like a Dali eyeball. I didn’t realize Dali was living in California these days. I guess everyone wants to be in the movies just like we’re in a movie.”

Marie: “You know, maybe we’re not in a movie after all. Look at all the signs. No, not the signs down there. Stop doing that or you’ll get vertigo and you will plummet to your death and then I won’t have anybody to talk to and I don’t know if I can live that kind of lifestyle.”

Mary: “Then what signs do you mean? Signs from Jesus?”

Marie: “Are you kidding? Jesus gave up on California years ago. No, think about it. We’re babbling dialogue that real people don’t actually say.”

Mary: “Uh huh. Go on.”

Marie: “And this is a black-and-white photo.”

Mary: “Wait a minute…”

Marie: “And one of the tags at the end of this post says ‘vintage’. And another tag says ‘sarcasm’.”

Mary: “Oh my God! We’re trapped in a Past Imperfect! What should we do?”

Marie: “I say we get the hell out of here before the writer re-posts us on all of his other blogs and the over-exposure kills the careers that we don’t really have.”


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  1. I would love to be fearured in a past perfect, except that i’m present. Lol. And i hope to stay thatway for a long time. Guess i need to change my diet.

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