Unexpected Developments

Past Imperfect – #501

Momma, inside the house: “Lilah Jean, you get your fanny back in this house this instant and change into something decent.”

Lilah Jean: “But Momma, I got this out of your closet.”

Momma: “I’m perfectly aware of that, young lady. I’m the one that buried it in there many years ago. I’ll not have you running around town looking like a tramp.”

Lilah Jean: “But I look so cute in it, especially when I stand like this with my foot on a rock. I feel like a movie star! Why do you think it’s trampy?”

Momma: “Because I was wearing that outfit when I got pregnant with you.”

Lilah Jean: “Are you serious? I think I need therapy now.”

Momma: “All the more reason to get back in the house.”


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  1. Lilah Jean appears to have a bun in the oven, herself…methinks that I detect a ‘baby bump,’ unless that’s just the frightful physique indicative of a non-branching family twig!

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    • Good point. And I’m fascinated with the shoes. I’m sure it will come as no surprise to you that I sported something quite similar when I hit the nightclubs in the early 80s… 😉


  2. Mad Man Muntz had a car stereo store down on tenth and Penn in OKC. There was hot older babe who worked there who looked like Nancy Sinatra, without the boots. So we went as often as we could, I guess they mopped up the drool when we left. They had one of those sound egg chairs. You know, with the speakers in them that made it a giant headphone you wished you could make out with someone in? Why did I think of that? The hot girl, and the tart’s palace wicker chair behind her. I’ll bet there’s an old Victrola just out of our sight…

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    • I tried to work the wicker chair into the story, but it just wasn’t happening for me. You just provided the missing piece: an old Victrola. Of course, the story would be different, something about lost love and mistaken identity, but at least the chair would be a character…

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