Unexpected Developments

Past Imperfect – #497


Judy: “I’m so excited that we’re finally at our senior prom!”

Mickey: “Me too! There are so many pretty girls here I could spit.”

Judy: “Wait. What does that mean? I’m your date, and you shouldn’t be noticing any pretty girls except me.”

Mickey: “Oh. Didn’t I tell you that I have a very short attention span?”

Judy: “You certainly didn’t have any trouble paying attention when we were in the backseat of your car last night.”

Mickey: “Well, that was yesterday. It’s a new day, a new broad.”

Judy: “Well! This is the thanks I get for taking you somewhere over the rainbow.”

Mickey: “Then maybe you shouldn’t have been so quick to spread your ruby slippers.”

Judy: “I can’t believe you’re saying these things to me. I thought we had something special.”

Mickey: “Oh, we certainly had our moment of paradise by the dashboard light, and it’s very obvious that one of those wicked witches in Oz taught you some moves that clearly don’t happen in Kansas. But this is America, and the man still gets to do whatever he wants when it comes to women, especially now that we have a president who is encouraging us to grab her by the slippers.”

Judy: “Are you kidding? Do you seriously not realize that the women of this country are fed up with the slipper grabbers and we have the right to vote?”

Mickey: “Do you mean the women who continue to vote Republican even though that party only wants to subjugate them? Good luck with that.”

Judy: “You’re forgetting one thing. Everyone has a breaking point. The pendulum might swing far to the right from time to time, but it eventually comes back and progress inches forward. There will be a day when you regret your ignorance of the power of the ruby slipper.”

Photographer: “And smile for the camera!”



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  1. Mickey had small hands, but really did have a huge amount of talent. Also, in reality, Mickey was, um, head over heals for Judy – he really did want to marry her. If that would have happened, Kristen Chenowith would have been born much sooner Chenowith would have just have been her stage name. 🙂

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    • And to add some interesting subtext to your parallel Chenoweth time diversion, I grew up near some of the Chenoweth clan in Broken Arrow, OK. They had a swimming pool INSIDE their house, and I thought this was the most decadent thing, ever. Clearly, I was very impressionable…


  2. “Paradise by the dashboard light…”

    I see what you did, there! Still, I like the Meatloaf song “You Took the Words Right Outta My Mouth” much better – major props if you work THAT into a post sometime…

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