Delusional People

Past Imperfect – #485


Boris: “Don’t you think it’s time we took the Christmas tree down?”

Ginger: “Oh, heavens no! Can’t you see that Fluffy really likes living in it? Where will he sleep without the tree?”

Boris: “Fluffy is a piñata that we got in Guadalajara when we were watching all of our best friends get quickie divorces. He sleeps all the time and he doesn’t care where that happens. Because he’s not real.”

Ginger: “You’re so mean! How would you feel if people made fun of you just because you didn’t look like everybody else?”

Boris: “Have you not seen any of my movies? I spend a lot of time playing dead things that should have remained dead. I think I know all about being different.”

Fluffy: “Since we’re talking about your movies, Boris, can we focus on the Frankenstein franchise? Because I’d like to be reanimated, just so I can jump down and run like hell. Do you know what it’s like for Ginger to constantly be slapping tinsel on my ass whilst warbling a song about chestnuts roasting on an open fire, while that very thing is happening to me because of all the lights on this hellish tree?”

Ginger: “Wait, do you hear something?”

Boris: “I’m hearing a screenwriter who hasn’t gotten the memo that absinthe is illegal now.”


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  1. Oh, very good Brian. My first laughs of the day. Mind you, I’m on decaf these days, so at first I thought it was Ginger who wanted to be reanimated. What a mad brain you have, sir.

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