Social Awkwardness

Past Imperfect – #479


Edward, left: “The aroma of this cognac is delicious. How delightful of you to offer such a treat.”

Josephine, center: “It doesn’t smell like poison at all, does it?”

Jean, right: “Josie, you fool. He’s going to get suspicious if you keep talking like that.”

Edward: “Actually, I’m getting suspicious with how both of you are talking. Why on earth would either of you want to poison me? I’ve been nothing but a gracious guest all evening.”

Josephine: “That’s precisely the issue. It has been all evening.”

Jean: “Some guests just don’t know when to leave and drastic measures become necessary.”


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  1. Aww, poor old Edward was so happy. He was truly in his element discussing fine wine, he just didn’t realise he had bored the rest of the ladies guests to tears, they’d left hours back, and it was now 3am. I think these gals should call Bob the weightlifter from across the road to come over and remove Ed from the premises.

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