Questionable Developments

Past Imperfect – #474


King Edward VIII: “And so it is with heavy heart that I must abdicate the throne so I can be with the woman I love. I’m sure that many of you are worried about what this means for our country, and I will now bravely answer your questions.”

Reporter: “Um, yeah, why do the microphones on your desk look like baby Empire State Buildings?”

Edward, now merely the Duke of Windsor: “Surely you can think of something more important to ask.”

Reporter: “Well, I suppose I could, but surely you realize that huge, conservative corporations have taken over the national media and journalists aren’t allowed to report the truth anymore. Everything has been reduced to white noise and nothingness and fluff pieces about desktop accessories.”

Edward, now merely sad: “I weep for my country.”

Reporter: “Your country? Try being a reporter in America where telling the truth can cost you your job.”

Edward, now merely incredulous: “Surely the people can tell when they are being scammed.”

Reporter: “Have you not seen the results from the latest election?”

Wallis Simpson, wandering in from wherever she might have been: “Eddie, are you done with the abdicating? You’re late for your next meeting, some mess about how nationalism is a naughty thing that we don’t really want. I’m sure we can watch the news on the telly later and learn the real truth.”


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  1. Someone posted a photo yesterday of Edward and Wallis Simpson shaking hands with Hitler. Can’t remember what the article was about, but they were smiling, clearly unaware they were meeting a monster.


    • There were those who suspected that part of the pressure to get him off the throne was because he and Wallis were Nazi sympathizers.
      So will history repeat itself ? Trump abdicates( impeached) to be with the businesses he truly loves .

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    • Christi: It’s pretty clear that Edward and Wallis were on good terms with Hitler, but it’s not clear how much was actual support and how much was ignorance, making their story even more bizarre. Elemediat: I don’t think an eventual impeachment is out of the question with Trump, but then we would be stuck with Mike Pence, and he’s a twisted mess of a man in his own right…

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