Past Imperfect – #470


Him: “So, it’s happening again, is it?”

Her: “I’m afraid so. It’s Christmas time in the city.”

Him: “Silver bells and snowy WordPress themes?”

Her: “Ring-a-ling and hear them ping.”

Him: “You know, when I was a wee lad, I really enjoyed Christmas. So much wonder and hope.”

Her: “Oh, me too. It was the best. I was so excited about everything.”

Him: “I wonder what changed.”

Her: “Well, there’s that whole mess about Big Business extorting the hell out of all of us by trying to convince everyone that we are not worthy unless we spend a fortune on the presents that we buy.”

Him: “Exactly, and then there are the fools who believe that love is somehow based on a price tag.”

Her: “And the way people behave in the stores? Knocking each other about and clawing to save two dollars on something that nobody will even care about in two months?”

Him: “It’s ridiculous. How did we get so far away from the true meaning of Christmas?”

Her: “Because too many people are too willing to let someone else tell them what’s important. It’s not what’s under the tree. It’s who is around the tree. That’s the gift. Being with the family that you define as family. There’s no DNA at Christmas. Nothing shines brighter than looking around the room and seeing the ones you love smiling back at you.”

Him: “But what about the people who can’t be with you even though they really want to be?”

Her: “Oh, they’re here. They never leave.”

Him: “You know, I’m feeling inspired. Should we get out the ornaments and actually put them on the tree this year?

Her: “That’s a tree? I thought it was your Aunt Bridget.”

Him: “They do wear the same perfume.”

Her: “You’re right, though. We should do the ornaments and try to get back to enjoying the simpler things. But let’s watch ‘Survivor’ first, because we can’t just go cold turkey if we try to quit scripted reality. Baby steps.”


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  1. The last time I remember being in true Christmas spirit was 1974 and our tree looked just like Aunt Bridget!
    What snowflakes? I made a special trip here just to see the snow flakes.

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    • Well, the snowflakes aren’t very fancy, just white dots that meander down the page (although sometimes the blow around, which is a bit more festive). I’m not sure why you can’t see them, but I have noticed that if you scroll down the page far enough, the flakes have to “catch up”…


    • In my tyke years, we had an artificial tree that started out as a massive behemoth, but we kept losing pieces over the years until the poor thing was barely more than a shrub. The worn-out box that we packed it in had more charm…

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