Unfocused Issues

Past Imperfect – #469


Bette, left: “What did you just say?”

Olivia, right: “I said that I love you as a sister but I can’t fully support you leaving the house looking like that.”

Bette: “And why is that?”

Olivia: “Well, two reasons. One is that no one wears tropical attire after Labor Day. It simply isn’t done.”

Bette: “That’s an insipid rule created by people who don’t look good in anything they wear. I think you’re just jealous of the fact that I have more suitors than you.”

Olivia: “Granted, the tabloids might suggest that you are having a whirlwind of torrid romances. But at the end of the day, when we have both moved on to the Oscar ceremony in the sky, I believe our respective biographers will agree that I was much more of a tramp than you ever hoped to be.”

Bette: “There may be some truth in that. I noticed that you have a reserved parking spot outside the local free clinic.”

Olivia: “That was really sweet of them to do that. It makes things much easier when I need a quick status check. But we’re drifting away from my criticism of you, dear sister, and you know I don’t do well with second billing.”

Bette: “Fine. What is your second issue with my appearance? I’m assuming you find it much more mortifying than your severe, upswept hairdo.”

Olivia: “It’s that one eyebrow, dear. Did you have cocktails with Pablo Picasso and things got out of hand?”


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