Past Imperfect – #461


PR Consultant: “Wow. What exactly were you thinking when you posed for this photo?”

Myrna: “Well, initially I thought it would be a brave depiction of what Hollywood actresses look like without all the glamour and makeup.”

PR Consultant: “Uh huh. And did you have any second thoughts?”

Myrna: “Actually, yes. I did briefly wonder if this image might inspire a future actress by the name of Lindsay Lohan to do stupid things with her career. But then I got over it, because you can blame other people all you want, but what happens in your life is really up to you.”

PR Consultant: “That sounds rather deep. What led you to this moment of epiphany?”

Myrna: “Well, you can see the photo. I clearly didn’t have enough hair conditioner in my life at the time, and this causes one to reflect on their priorities.”

PR Consultant: “That sounds a bit weak. So did you have an epiphany or not?”

Myrna: “I have no idea. It appears that the next page in my script is missing. Perhaps you can ask the writer?”

PR Consultant: “Writer Man, where were you going with this?”

Brian: “Um, well… I really don’t know. I had a strong beginning, but now I’m at a loss and I’m fumbling around trying to reach a witty conclusion. I just thought the photo was really swell and I started typing before I had a goal in mind.”

PR Consultant: “Uh huh. And did you have any second thoughts?”

Brian: “I’m thinking maybe I shouldn’t have given you a voice in this piece of flash fiction. Perhaps I should start hitting this little backspace key.”

Myrna: “And what about me? I’m stranded in front of the camera without any decent dialogue. Have you no shame?”

Brian: “No. That’s why I blog.”


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