Poor Choices

Past Imperfect – #460


Monty: “Are you okay? You seem to be a bit distraught.”

Lizzie: “I’m fine. I’ve just been thinking about things and I’m a little blue.”

Monty: “Ah, so you’re aware of it as well. The stylist has given you entirely too much volume for the time period of this movie. It’s the Civil War, and Aqua Net hasn’t been invented yet.”

Lizzie: “What? Seriously, you queens get on my nerves sometimes. No, I’ve been reviewing the speed with which I’ve been flying through husbands, and there might be an issue.”

Monty: “Running out of interesting venues for your next nuptials?”

Lizzie: “No, running out of men in the Western Hemisphere who will agree to participate in those nuptials.”


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