Rainbow People

Past Imperfect – #447


Archivist #1: “Are you thinking what I’m thinking about this photo we just found in Eleanor Roosevelt’s private stash?”

Archivist #2: “Probably not. You’re thinking that this finally proves the lesbian theories about Eleanor, because you’re a stunted straight male who instinctually assumes that women who frolic together must be indulging in randy rounds of slap and tickle. But since I’m a gay man, I’m assuming that these women were simply bored out of their skulls and made some very poor recreational and couture choices because they didn’t know enough gay men.”

Archivist #1: “So this IS a gay thing?”

Archivist #2: “No, it’s just people being people and doing what feels right for them. Perhaps someday we’ll get to a point where judgement is not the first thing some idiots do when they run into something they know nothing about.”


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  1. The two-piece and the one-piece outfit were pretty salacious for that time-period – but I’d wear them! They actually look comfortable.
    Being tall, however, makes it very difficult to find a one-piece suit that fits well…

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