Past Imperfect – #434


Crystal, left: “Do you have any idea what we’re supposed to be doing in this scene?”

Methal, right: “Beats me. Something about innocent virgins in the forest being stalked by men with unresolved childhood issues. They had dollar drinks at Piero’s last night, so I barely looked at the script.”

Crystal: “I hear ya, girl. I was right in that mess as well. Did you see that one waiter with the biceps? I could eat him with a spoon. Still, I suppose we should get into character. How do virgins act? It’s been a while.”

Methal: “Yeah, me too. Maybe we should cross our legs?”

Crystal: “Honey, if I cross my legs, I’m gonna fall off this stupid fence and there goes my chances of being in the sequel.”

Methal: “So we should just sit here and submit to the will of men who have no regard for our personal comfort?”

Crystal: “Ah, now I remember what it’s like to be a virgin.”


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