Past Imperfect – #429


Therapist: “But you must tell me everything about all of your repressed issues. Otherwise, I will never be able to heal you and write a bestselling book about how I saved you from the depths of depravity.”

Leslie: “But I can’t even look at you.”

Therapist: “Are you ashamed of the things that you have done?”

Leslie: “Actually, it’s that stupid beard. It looks like something I should use to scrub the bathtub.”

Therapist: “So your psychotic break happened during a moment of personal hygiene?”

Leslie: “No, it happened when you touched me on the shoulder.”


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  1. ‘Son, I can accept you coming out as gay, I really can. But your other admission is a step too far, far too far for me and mother. How can anyone in their right mind come out as Trump supporter?’

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  2. That beard…I was laughing about it before I even clicked on the link and read the piece! ROFLMAO…it looks like it could be used to scrub my cast-iron cookware!
    Those glasses are a bit odd, as well – they appear to have tiny velvet ropes on them; the kind you see outside of exclusive clubs, and manned by steroid-enhanced bouncers who couldn’t cut it in the WWE…

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