Odd But Kinda Sexy

Past Imperfect – #427


Kim: “Now, Marlon, let’s not jump to conclusions here.”

Marlon: “How can I not jump? I come home from a hard day’s work of looking sexy as hell on the streets of New Orleans and I find this!”

Kim: “It’s not what you think.”

Marlon: “Well, I think you’ve been to Hobby Lobby again, buying all this cheap plastic crap for projects that you are never going to do. We’ve talked about this. You should never shop at Hobby Lobby because they hate women and are against birth control.”

Kim: “Oh, that’s what you’re thinking. Okay, well, yes, that’s what I did. I went craft shopping. I certainly didn’t slip away to Mardi Gras and bare my breasts just so drunk men could hurl strands of beads my way and I could snatch them up in a fever of validation. Nope, didn’t do that at all.”

Marlon: “Well, I’m cutting you off. No more trips to Hobby Lobby. Now, I’m going to go watch the news coverage of the Mardi Gras parades.”

Kim: “Uh oh.”


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