Past Imperfect – #425


Director John: “And over here, Liz will make her entrance in some gown designed by Valentino.”

Actor Marlon: “That explains all the lights. But why the big production?”

John: “Because it’s Elizabeth Taylor. She never just walks into a room. It’s always an event. You know this.”

Marlon: “But what do I get to wear?”

John: “What you’re wearing now.”

Marlon: “But I wore this in the last scene.”

John, sighing: “Your character is in the military, Marlon. You wear a uniform every day. You don’t have a party frock.”

Marlon: “It just seems so unfair.”

John: “You’ll get over it. Now, let’s get back on the set.”

Marlon rises to follow John, but then his eyes wander to a stick of butter sitting on the craft services table, a chance glance that subliminally triggers his mind to think of a very special way to make an entrance while shooting that lusty movie in Paris a few years later…


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  1. Ah, Marlon…he is missed!
    I still recall him in the horrible remake of The Island of Doctor Moreau…so I’ll watch his earlier films from time to time – and of course, The Godfather

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