Social Awkwardness

Past Imperfect – #418


Shirley: “This is so exciting, getting to hand you your Academy Award for Best Actress! My curls are tighter than they’ve ever been.”

Claudette: “Yes, dear. It’s very exciting. Thrilled to be here. That’s why I brought my coat with me onstage so I can blow this joint just as soon we’re done.”

Shirley: “Golly gee, I’m so nervous that I don’t know what I should say or what I’m doing.”

Claudette: “Oh, you’ll get used to those feelings. Just wait until you get married in a few years. Those tap-dancing skills of yours will come in real handy.”

Shirley: “Oh, do you suppose I should sing a song?”

Claudette: “Absolutely not. Just smile for the cameras and wait for your agent to hand you your next project.”


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