Delusional People

Past Imperfect – #402

SR 1402

Butler: “You rang, Lady Penelope?”

Penny: “Yes, Arturo. I need you to ring up Greta Garbo and then hand me the phone.”

Arturo: “May I inquire into the nature of this call? I’m sure her people will have questions before simply rousing her from a private slumber and shoving a receiver at her.”

Penny: “I just watched one of her movies and she had the nerve to be sitting on a couch just like this one and assuming a position just like mine. That horrid woman is once again stealing my sophistication and poise.”

Arturo: “Once again?”

Penny: “Yes, Arturo, we’ve discussed this. I’m the one who invented not smiling in public and looking mysterious, even though everyone thinks she came up with it. I simply won’t have any more of her indiscretions. Dial her number.”

Arturo: “And on the off chance that she won’t take your call since she has no idea who you are?”

Penny: “Then tell her I will put a curse on her and she will be forced to walk away from her glamorous movie career and become a hermit for forty years.”

Arturo: “Surely you can’t make something like that happen.”

Penny: “Oh? Make the call, Arturo. And then stand back.”


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