Past Imperfect – #399

SR 1399

Mae Rose, left: “Why are they making us pose for this picture?”

Clara, right: “Because our parents are misguided fools who think that the mere act of procreation has elevated them to an award-worthy status and we are their trophies, as if no one else has ever copulated in the history of the planet.”

Mae Rose: “That seems a bit harsh. Maybe they just love us and want to capture this image of a time before we became truculent teen-agers intent on destroying their souls.”

Clara: “Oh, please. To them, we’re just annoying little tax deductions with no voting power.”

Mae Rose: “I don’t understand why you’re so bitter. We came from the same womb. How did we turn out so differently?”

Clara: “That’s a question you need to ask the mailman.”


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    • Well, I “borrowed” this one from a site where artists mess around with various modern edits on existing photos (vintage and otherwise) to create new images. In this case, the artist clearly added the splash of color on the hair ribbon, and they may or may not have done a washout in the lower section of the photo to increase the pop of the ribbon. Now, having babbled about that. and this may be faulty recall on my part, but it seems like it was a vogue at one time to chastely photograph very young children in their birthday suits, especially among the wealthy. I’ll do some research…

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