Odd But Kinda Sexy

Past Imperfect – #381

SR 1381

Humphrey Bogart: “I told you to stop arguing with me. Don’t you understand that I have a gun pointed at you?”

Bette Davis: “But that’s what I’m talking about. I can’t take that gun seriously. Did you steal it from one of the munchkins in The Wizard of Oz? I have hair barrettes that could do more damage.”

Leslie Howard: “Bette, let’s not antagonize the man. He has hair like James Dean will eventually have, so you know he has issues. And he hasn’t shaved, which really accents his jaw, his manly jaw and… what were we talking about?”

Humphrey: “Both of you need to shut up. I just renewed my contract with Warner Brothers so I’m not the one that’s going to die in this scene.”

Bette: “I’m not scared of you. I just won my first Oscar, bitch.”

Leslie: “Well, I’m scared. Should I give you my phone number so we can talk about it?”

Humphrey: “Aw, screw it. I’m done with the both of you. I’m just gonna go over here and wait for Lauren Bacall to get discovered.”

Bette: “And I’m gonna wait for Joan Crawford to finally come out as Joe.”


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    • Does this mean that you really don’t care for Bette and Leslie? Granted, it can be a bit annoying when people whine and moan without taking any actual control of their lives. But still, there’s really no reason for Humphrey to use his man-weapon on them. Oh wait, maybe I just got it… 😉


  1. Oh come now, what are you implying about Leslie? All because of his name, and the fact he was English, and he played Ashley Wilkes and honestly, how could Scarlett prefer him over Rhett, but she did have a way with curtains, you gotta admit that, and… sorry, what were we talking about again?

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