Wrong on Many Levels

Past Imperfect – #380

SR 1380

At the quilting bee, an intriguing conversation took place…

Self-satisfied woman on the far right: “Girls, you are not going to believe what happened last night. I had my first orgasm!”

Confused woman on the left: “Orgasm? Isn’t that what the Japanese do when they make paper swans?”

Unimpressed woman to her right: “Oh, please. I’ve been having orgasms for years. Why do you think I ride my horse all the time? I practically see stars every time he jumps a fence.”

Appalled woman in the middle: “Back in my day, women never had orgasms. It simply wasn’t done.”

Impressed woman to her right: “I’m so proud of you! But did your lover even happen to notice? They often don’t. They just grunt and roll off and continue to not bathe properly.”

Self-satisfied Woman: “Who said there was a lover involved? I just borrowed Amy’s horse.”


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