Past Imperfect – #377

SR 1377

Bette: “I can’t believe what we’re seeing.”

Leslie: “It’s simply astonishing. It’s excruciating to watch, and I’ve been in a lot of British plays where people have been insufferably pompous.”

Bette: “I can’t look away. Even the fact that my hand looks like that of a four-year-old compared to your freakishly-huge paws can’t distract me.”

Leslie: “I suppose that we should do something to stop it. But studies have shown that men with weak jaws and naturally wavy hair often don’t survive situations involving aggressive physicality.”

Bette: “I know exactly what you mean. I’ve stood up to studio heads to get the parts I want, and I’m even wearing my headband with special protective powers, but I don’t know if we should take the risk. After all, I’ve still got three movies left on my contract with Warner Brothers and my mortgage isn’t paid off.”

Leslie: “But can we live with ourselves if we do nothing to stop this?”

Bette: “What would an average American do in this situation?”

Leslie: “I wouldn’t have the faintest notion, not being an American. I come from an island where everyone might have a stiff upper lip but we’re still trying to figure out why we don’t rule most of the known world anymore.”

Bette: “Oh, good point. Well, studies have shown that the average American is basically decent but they tend to neglect things like voting in elections and actively working against injustices, which results in sociopaths gaining positions of power.”

Leslie: “That sounds rather dreary. Why wouldn’t someone do the right thing?”

Bette: “Beats me. Hopefully there will come a day when people finally get fed up with the sociopaths and vote them out of office.”

Announcer on the nearby TV: “And we’ll continue our coverage of the Republican National Convention right after this short commercial break…” 


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