Unfocused Issues

Past Imperfect – #375

SR 1375

Cary: “So, did you sneak in the hacksaw so I can cut through these bars and blow this joint?”

Katharine: “I might have. Or maybe I didn’t. You need to answer some questions first.”

Cary: “I got nothin’ else to do in here except hope that I don’t become somebody’s girlfriend. Ask away.”

Katharine: “Well, since you mentioned girlfriends, the word on the street is that you have plenty of them. I don’t think you take me seriously.”

Cary: “I always take you seriously. Especially your hair. One wrong move and I could lose an arm.”

Katharine: “You got a problem with my hair?”

Cary: “I think you’re the one that has a problem with hair.”

Katharine, pausing and blowing smoke: “You got a lotta sass for somebody that’s about to assume the position and pray for daylight. Maybe me and the hacksaw should consider our options.” She hands her cigarette to one of the extras playing a cellmate/potential lover and sashays toward the exit.

Cary: “Don’t leave me this way! Now come on girl and do what you gotta do.”

Katharine: “I’ve heard that song before, Cary. I ain’t no Thelma Houston.”


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