Delusional People

Past Imperfect – #353

SR 1353

Man on the Left: “Are you kidding me? I came by to pay my respects and not only are you not dead, but you find it appropriate to pull a gun on me? Let me guess. You were home-schooled?”

Man in the Coffin: “Jest if you must, but I learned a lot by not being forced to interact socially with people who had other opinions. It gave me a lack of respect for other cultures, just like Donald Trump.”

Man on the Left: “But he’s a psychopath. Why would you want to be like him? And I’m still not understanding the gun thing.”

Man in the Coffin: “Intimidation and ignorance is the true path to success.”

Man on the Left: “Says who? Wait a minute, fella. Are you one of those Tea Party people? I always thought you folks were digging your own graves, but I didn’t expect you to physically do it.”

Morgue Employee in the Background: “Speaking of, could we maybe stop hollering and get to the burying part? I’ve been away from my morphine drip too long and I’m getting a little itchy.”


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