Poor Choices

Past Imperfect – #344

SR 1344

Starlet-in-Training  #1: “I know that we’re supposed to be doing modeling exercises, but I had far too many Harvey Wallbangers last night, as well as a few Harveys, and I really need to just lean against this wall and pray for daylight.”

Starlet #2: “I’m still stunned that I wasn’t able to simply walk into Hollywood and become an instant star. I can’t imagine why that didn’t happen. Maybe I shouldn’t have worn this bra made out of pot-holders.”

Startlet #3: “I think I might be in the wrong place. No one is introducing themselves and saying they are alcoholics. But at least I have this nice scarf in my hair, and Momma always said that hair accessories will save the day.”

Starlet #4: “If that acrobatic floozy expects me to help her out if she falls and busts her ass, she better go to Plan B. Seriously, some people will do anything for attention. Then again, I’m not wearing any panties, so we probably joined the same sorority in college.”

Starlet #5: “I’m only contorting myself like this because I couldn’t afford fancy shoes like everybody else and I had to do something to distract people from my lack of adequate footwear. On second thought, though, perhaps I shouldn’t have thrown my legs over my head like that Tri-Delta slut over there did during Homecoming. I really should have paid more attention in typing class.”

Starlet #6: “Holy cow! That waitress wasn’t kidding when she said the jalapenos on the taco salad might repeat later. If anybody lights a cigarette in a three-block radius, I’ll be the first woman on the moon…”


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    • It’s actually (supposedly) Rita Hayworth during her days at the Barbizon School for Women, where (based on that dead-ringer Lucille Ball expression on her face) they apparently took drugs all day and/or had trouble remembering things… 😉

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