Past Imperfect – #330

SR 1330

  The two spinsters studied the movie still and tried to decide if they should go inside the movie palace and watch this latest release…

Betty: “Look at how she can’t even light his cigarette. She would make a terrible wife. I hope he’s not planning to marry her.”

Jane: “And look at that tawdry blouse she’s wearing. She’s showing so much cleavage! And the sinister amulet around her neck. Do you suppose she’s a witch AND a slattern?”

Betty: “He can’t even stand to look her in the face, she’s such a disappointment.”

Jane: “He can’t believe how tacky her hair looks. She’s not using a single pin to control that mess! She’s a lazy, cheap witch.”

Betty: “Wait! Is he holding a knife? He’s trying to kill her! I disapprove of her lifestyle, but I don’t know that she needs to die for it. Seems a bit harsh.”

Jane: “And she’s hiding a gun in her other hand.  So she’s planning to fight for her right to walk the streets. These are some truly lost souls.”

Betty: “Oh my word! Do you see what else is going on? Oh, I can barely stand to look.”

Jane: “What is it, sister?”

Betty: “Someone has taken a loaf of French bread and shoved it into the skull of that poor woman in the background!”

Jane: “Oh, this movie is wretched indeed. Prostitution and betrayal and death and bad grooming. The people who made this are clearly not right with the Lord.”

Betty: “Should we buy tickets?”

Jane: “Of course. My treat.”


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    • Then we have the extra from “The Son of the Sheik”, in the background and narrowly escaping the attention of the French Bread killer, and The Slattern is resting her gun on the helmet of some extra from “Gunga Din”, and the weird reindeer antler with the punk-rock safety pins…. I could have gone on for a while, but there comes a time when you just have to hit “post” and move on… 😉

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