Unfocused Issues

Past Imperfect – #328

SR 1328

Marceline: “Alice, dear, could you possibly manage to look a trifle less bored?”

Alice: “Are you kidding? We’re dressed up like cats. What is this accomplishing?”

Marceline: “It’s keeping us in the spotlight. As every good starlet knows, there are things you simply must do to keep the attention of your fans.”

Alice: “And what fans are those? Witches? The board members at the SPCA?”

Marceline: “Don’t be such a stick, sister girl. Just act sexy and smile a bit more.”

Alice: “I don’t feel very sexy with a fake tail shoved in my ear.”

Marceline: “And how sexy will you feel when we drop off the Lucky Strike Box Office Flames list?”

Alice: “Oh. I didn’t really think about that. Being on the list means I never have to pay for drinks in this town.”

Marceline: “Exactly. Now arch your back and purr like you mean it.”


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